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Bill K. *****


We had Quick Response AC out to our home in the desert at the end of June to troubleshoot our ancient system which had stopped working.

Vince arrived on time and quickly diagnosed the problem: broken wiring connections due to rodents chewing through the wires.  He quickly repaired this issue.  He then vacuumed up the considerable "mouse mess", providing us with a much cleaner working environment.  Great work, but Vince didn't stop there.  He continued on to check the AC operation revealing non-functioning filters, and gave us a tip on where to get replacement filters quickly and easily (Amazon). 

Vince also went above and beyond the actual task of the AC, and took the time and trouble to inspect and clean the outdoor condenser (essentially a large fan).  The condenser was quite noisy, even after tightening the screen down.  This was  no problem for Vince.  He added extra screws around the condenser cover screen, silencing the screen vibration noise.  Our old AC is now working like new thanks to Vince.

Finally, he took the time to explain some of the niceties of our evaporative cooler (aka Swamp Cooler) and clued us in on what we should look for regarding yearly maintenance.  

Extremely knowledgeable and Highly Recommended!!

Tim and Kathi B., Julian CA *****


“We are very happy with the service we received from Vince.  He was very professional and pleasant to be around.  He was thorough in diagnosing the issue with our AC unit, and had it back up and running very quickly. He even offered some helpful tips on how to make it run more efficiently for us in the future.  We appreciate finding a business like Quick Response that we can keep in mind for any future issues that might come up with our AC.  Thank you, Vince. :)

Dale H. from Julian, CA *****


I imagine one of the most difficult repair situations is to fix someone else's mistake. That's exactly what I asked Vince to do and I could not be happier with the result. We had a furnace and A/C installed by another company in August 2017. We had problems with the furnace from the beginning including poor heating, strong propane smells, a fast emptying of our propane tank (and my bank account) and shut downs due to overheating. Since we live in the mountains, having a functional heater is a necessity. The original installer returned 3 times and finally gave up last month and refused to do any more work on our system. We began to call other companies but there are a limited number of people who will travel to the mountains of San Diego County to do work. The first company recommended we tear out the entire system and replace it with another. Not having the money to start over, I tried one more person, Vince with Quick Response. Vince arrived on time, as he did with all of our appointments, and quickly diagnosed the problem; our new furnace had only been partially converted from natural gas to propane! Vince returned with the conversion kit the next day, but we there were still problems because of carbon buildup from running incorrectly for several months. Somehow, Vince was able to get the manufacturer to replace a $500 part under warranty and now our furnace is now running great! There is no one I would trust more than Vince to install or repair heaters or air conditioners.

Jeriel D. from Alpine, CA *****


Courteous, professional, and knowledgeable.

He was able to diagnose and fix my issue within the same day even though Vince was out in Borrego Springs when I called him and I live in Alpine.

Will use again!

Patty T. from Julian, CA *****


Vince at Quick Response is tops at what he does. We called him to check out our furnace before the heating season starts here in Julian. He came out the next day, took a look in the system and saw something wasn't right. He was pretty sure what needed to be done, but since the unit is an old Lennox, so he contacted the company and after two techs there, found he was correct and got the unit cleaned up and running like new. We can't imagine using anyone else now. He explained everything, step be step. Our 5 dogs even loved him, and they're great judges of character. We would recommend Vince to everyone! If YELP gave 10 stars we would put him at 12!!

Nicholi R from Bonita, CA *****


We were having issues with our AC unit and called him up! He came out the same day and explained every step for us, as well as showed us where the problem was exactly. He was nice and a chill guy! We are very satisfied with our service and would highly recommend!

Jaymie N. from El Cajon, CA *****

  • 3/15/17
We had an issue with our heater and home warranty, through first American contracted him out to our house and he fixed our problem quickly & explained what was wrong, wasn't shady, was super nice(my toddler even liked him) and offered me some suggestions on what we are going to eventually need/want to do down the road but not in sales person trying to make a buck type way. We will 100% be using him in the future and if we ever have issues with anything again that related to his field of work, I will make damn sure First American contracts him to us before anyone else.

Dan R. from Lemon Grove, CA *****


I was referred to quick response to get my air conditioning fixed. I received a call from Vince  within 15 Minutes and made a next day appointment. Vince was quick,knowledge and reliable explaining the problem each step of the process.I am very happy with my service and highly recommend him to my family, friends and neighbors.

James B. from Bremerton, WA *****


We have a house in Pine Hills near Julian and it is always a problem to find repair people willing to come up here without having to wait days. We had an intermittent problem with the propane furnace not always lighting. We have used a bunch of small electric heaters to keep  the house warm, sometimes for days at a time. I called Vince on a Friday afternoon (after finding him here on Yelp) and he was here Saturday morning to take a look at the problem. Diagnosed a bad gas valve, but the supply houses down the hill were closed, so we had to wait until Monday for him to get the part, but he was here as soon as he got into town, picked up the part and returned.

That repair helped, but it turned out there was another issue with the burner carry over ports being clogged up and not letting the flame spread across the burner array. The furnace would work occasionally after the bad valve was replaced, but not every time. Vince then replaced all the burners and now the furnace is working reliably once again. We are finally warm and can put away the small heaters.

Bottom line, Vince is detailed, thorough, reasonable and very customer service oriented. He is willing to come out as necessary to get the job done. Highly recommended for service in the backcountry (or anywhere he covers as far as that goes). You won't find a better choice.

Sal L. from Campo *****


My AC went out last night. It was blowing hot air but the unit outside was quite. I did the usual thing everyone does Google it. I tried the reset as many googlers do and no go. All it did was Humm. So I stared to research more came to yelp, and seen several others, but I liked what the last review said. I called Vince in the am and within 4hrs he was here in and out. One thing I liked was he showed me what was wrong. Thank you Vince for your 10 star service. I recommend to you all in east county mountain areas. Vince is very honest and fair with price.


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