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Our Annual Services

Quick Response A/C, Inc., the East County San Diego area heating and cooling system experts, offers annual maintenance service agreements designed to fit any budget, to keep your new equipment operating at peak performance levels for years to come.

Our Annual Maintenance Agreement is a yearly contractual agreement that guarantees our customers receive the best possible support to ensure smooth, trouble-free operation of their ventilation or refrigeration system.

• Planned Maintenance Program helps avoid breakdowns.

• Regularly scheduled periodic service prolongs the life of your equipment.

As a Quick Response A/C, Inc. service agreement customer you always receive priority service! It will:

• Save you time and money

• Give you peace of mind knowing your system is being properly maintained.

Planned Maintenance Services

Two maintenance calls each year - one each heating and cooling season. Purpose: to inspect and to advise you of any needed repair. (No repairs are made without your approval); to prevent breakdown and maintain efficiency. Our inspections and checks include the following:
proper voltage*

  • heat exchanger*
  • pulleys and belts
  • contacts and relays
  • for clean filters
  • electric strip heaters*
  • condensate pump
  • proper refrigerant
  • electrical connections*
  • fan limit switch
  • blower assembly
  • motors
  • vibration noise
  • indoor coil*
  • clean condenser coil*
  • condensate drain
  • visible leaks
  • burners
  • standard thermostat

* The compressor, heat exchanger, coils or electric heat elements will be replaced at no charge ONLY when covered by manufacturer's warranty. If repair falls out of warranty period; there will be a charge. Occasional circuit breaker tripping caused by fluctuation of power supply cannot be covered by this policy.


  • PEACE OF MIND: Automatic, periodic inspection, lubricating, adjusting and cleaning of your heating and cooling system keeps it running at peak, trouble-free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they can cause trouble.

  • TRAINED TECHNICIANS: Competent, trained, dependable technician will perform service on your equipment when necessary. Our technician is trained and certified by the leading manufacturers in our industry.

  • PREFERRED TREATMENT: Should you need emergency service, our PREFERRED SERVICE POLICY customers are given PREFERRED treatment when they do have a problem. We service our POLICY holders first.

  • PLANNED BUDGET: Fixed cost allows budgeting in advance for maintenance service, labor and parts. One charge, NO hidden expenses.

  • LONGER PRODUCT LIFE: A known fact that regular maintenance and service on mechanical equipment prolongs its life, It also keeps the equipment at peak efficiency.

  • SAFETY: Periodic maintenance insures units to be operating safely.

  • SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST: Our highly trained technician knows their business. Feel at ease knowing that Quick Response A/C, Inc. has made major investments in training, tools, service vehicle, and computers to assure our PREFERRED SERVICE POLICY customers prompt and efficient service at a minimum cost.

  • CHOICE OF PROGRAM: You select the POLICY that best suits you and your equipment.

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